Making An Impact

Something unusual happened o me the other day. I was contacted by someone that I knew from high school through Facebook. What's unusual about that? In and of itself, nothing. It was the content of the email that was the shocker.

In the course of catching me up on the events of her life, she said "Yes, people pass through your lives but your music passed through my soul. Keep playing!"

As you can imagine, that's very flattering to hear. I consider myself to be a perpetual student of the guitar. I don't think of myself as a hotshot player. Rather, more as a guy that loves something and has just stuck with it for a long time and developed some ability with it.

The big shock for me is that something that I played so obviously meant something to someone else. That's what I want to share with you today.

Your pursuit of becoming a better player may make a difference in someone else's life, whether you realize it or not.

New Lesson

I've just put up a new lesson at It shows how to play the Big Bill Broonzy tune Long Tall Mama. It can be found here.

In my opinion, it's worth taking the time to learn "correctly". By this I mean as closely to the recording as possible.

One reason why is that it's a fun version to play. The other big reason, in my mind, is that music is an aural art. It's all about sound. Learning how a Master Guitarist like Big Bill played is an invaluable lesson.

I hope that you have fun learning the tune and, please remember, your playing is important. Both to you and to your listeners.

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