Summertime Blues

Welcome to this edition of the Fingerstyle Monthly. Summertime's fun, but it can take us out of our normal routine. There are always so many different things going on in the warm months. Sometimes these additional activities can make it hard to maintain a consistent practice schedule. Having a good guitar practice already set up can help during this busy time.

For starters, it's important to have a designated spot set aside for a practice area. Have all of the items that you need ready to go. These could include a chair, music stand, CD player, books and metronome. The idea is to not have to set anything up when it's practice time.

Next, do you have a blueprint of what you need to work on? To progress as a player requires developing or polishing physical skills, musical (theory) knowledge and repertoire. How do you do that? Make a plan and then do it.

I know that this is frequently easier said than done. Especially when you throw in factors like the kids being out of school. You might try getting up a few minutes earlier than normal and practicing then. By doing that, you're sure to get in your daily practice, no matter what.

I did that for several years and, trust me, I'm not a morning person. In fact, my wife knows that it's useless to talk to me until I've been up at least a 1/2 hr and had at least 1 (large) cup of coffee. But by doing this, I was sure to get in my daily practice and to continue working toward my playing goals.

If circumstances conspire against you and you just have no time for practice, don't beat yourself up about it. Playing guitar should be fun, not another stressful activity to try to stuff into an already crowded day.

New Stuff

I really appreciate the support of visitors to Especially the subscribers to the newsletter. I feel that we're a community of players who are working toward a common goal - improving our fingerstyle guitar playing. Because of this, I'm going to begin offering some lessons, tips, etc... to the subscribers of Fingerstyle Monthly. This begins this month with a short video exclusively for you.

Some of these special offerings will come out in the newsletter, others, for different reasons, won't. I promised not to spam you when you subscribed and I will keep my word on that. Because of that promise, I've created a short form that allows you to tell me if you want access to these special offerings. If you want to receive any communication from me besides the newsletter, mark the checkbox. It's that simple.

You'll notice a new look in upcoming videos. I hope that everyone enjoys it. To see a preview of the new look, follow the link below.

That's it for this month. I hope that you have a safe, fun beginning to your summer!

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