Dinner Time

Welcome to this edition of the Fingerstyle Monthly.

Over the last couple of years my schedule has changed. This change in schedule means I'm cooking dinner more.

I want to make something perfectly clear. I don't like to cook. Never have and probably never will.

While it's more tolerable now, I'm still not crazy about it. In fact, that's one reason I like fruit like bananas and apples. Minimum preparation. Wash or peel it and that's it.

So it's come as a surprise to me to realize that I've become a pretty good cook. I was thinking about this the other night while I was, what else, cooking dinner.

The simple doing of an activity, whether you enjoy it or not, will help you learn to do it. Of course, if you really enjoy what you're doing it helps!

You're probably familiar with a similiar situation. Maybe you know somebody who's drug themselves off to work every day for 30 years. Thirty years of a job that they despise. But guess what? After 30 years, they're pretty good at it. In fact, they may have become pretty expert at it. All from the simple act of repetition.

"What," you may be asking ourself, "does this have to do with playing the guitar?" Simply this, consistent practice will yield results. Whether it's me making hamburgers, some guy going to a job he hates, or you sitting in your practice room. Doing the activity increases proficiency.

When you read last month's newsletter and this month's, it may seem that I've become obsessive about this practice business. If so, it's because I think it works.

You'll find a video embedded below. It's a song that I like and a player that I really like. I hope that you enjoy it too. And I hope that it encourages you to pursue your passion with fingerstyle guitar.

See you next month.


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