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Last month we talked about why we should book a gig. Having an event and date to shoot for forces us to sharpen our guitar playing skills.

The big question then, is how do you go about booking a gig? What's needed?

Sometimes someone will approach you to play through word of mouth. A friend-of-a-friend, or some other aquaintance. For the most part, though, you'll need to take the initiative.

One of the most basic things that you'll need is some type of recording. This can be as complicated and expensive as you want it to be. You can buy time in a recording studio, or set up a home studio.

The difference between the two recording choices boils down to time and money. Deciding to set up a home studio doesn't neccessarily mean that you have to spend a bunch of money. You already own one of the most expensive pieces of gear: a computer.

Virtually all recording is now done digitally. Recording software is available in different price ranges, starting at free for Audacity. With a USB microphone or mic and interface, you're pretty much ready to go. There's a ton of information available online to help get you started.

The biggest benefit of using a professional studio is it's easier. The only two things required are money to pay for the studio time and being prepared to record when you get there.

One of the biggest advantages to this approach is that you aren't having to figure out new technology. You can solely concentrate on playing. There's a real benefit to that.

Here's a short list to help you begin your gigging journey: 1) Figure out the songs that you want to record, 2) Decide if you want to buy studio time record or record at home, 3) Begin setting up home studio or book studio time.

Giving ourselves challenges like this will improve us as players and, I think, as people.

We'll look at the next steps in the process next month.

What's New?

I've just posted the interviews that I did with Scott Ainslie and Ernie Hawkins. You can find links to their interviews on the BluesGuitarPlayers page. Both of these guys have really fascinating stories to tell. Besides being recording artists, they are both very active as teachers, teaching in guitar camps all over the world.

The other big news rocking the fingerstyle guitar world is the discovery of Blind Blake's death certificate and burial site. This helps unravel some of the mystery surrounding one of the most influential American guitarists to ever record.

If you're not familiar with Blind Arthur Blake, start here

You can read about this discovery here

Now that the Ainslie and Hawkins interviews are done, my next project is catching up on writing reviews of instructional DVDs. After that, new video lessons.

Stay tuned!

Also, don't forget about the free 2nd Tuesday interactive video lesson. It will be on October 11, 2011. You can find details on how to participate here.

We'll be continuing our look at the CAGED Chord System.

Let's wrap it up with a little Blind Blake. See you next month!

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