An eBook is a digital version of a book. Instead of ink and paper you get a digital download of a PDF file. EBooks have several advantages over conventional books.


  • The first advantage is convenience. You can order the eBook and have it delivered in moments without leaving home. There is no waiting for the mail to deliver it to you (or shipping or handling fees either.
  • You can find expert information on subjects that you’re interested in.
  • Nearly all ebooks offer a money back guarantee. It’s impossible to get your money back on a regular book simply because you don’t like the content. You can with an ebook.

There are disadvantages as well.


    You can’t put it in your pocket or purse to take with you (unless you print it out)

  • It’s hard to put on a bookshelf.

Lower cost, instant delivery, money back guarantee. You’ve gotta love it!