FingerstyleGuitarLessons-1 Helps Your Fingers Get Moving

FingerstyleGuitarLessons-1 Begins This Great "How-To" Series of Free Online Guitar Lessons.

This is one of a series of free online guitar lessons. This series of free online guitar lessons all feature acoustic guitar tabs and video guitar lessons.

They all use easy guitar chords. If you have questions or comments about any of these beginner guitar lessons, feel free to contact me.

O.K. Let's get started on this lesson.

This guitar lesson is based on a 12 bar blues. It's in the key of A and uses the chords A, D, and E.

The main goal of this lesson is for you to begin to learn to control your thumb and first 2 fingers. You'll notice that your 1st and 2nd fingers are plucking at the same time. We'll split them up in a later lesson.

For now, the thing to concentrate on is having your fingers doing what you want them to. You also want to pay attention so that the no single note is louder than any other. The goal is to get a smooth even sound .

You will need a TEF viewer to see the music for this lesson. You can download it free here.

Clicking on the loudspeaker icon lets you listen to a MIDI playback of the lesson.

TablEdit Playback.gif

This link takes you to the music.

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Got this exercise down? Great! Now you're ready for Beginner Lesson 2.

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