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Free Online Guitar Lessons With Free Fingerstyle Guitar Tablature.

Have you been looking for online guitar lessons? Well, you're in the right spot. Each internet guitar lesson has a fingerstyle guitar tab of the song that we'll be working on. On some lessons, there will also be a guitar lesson video.

Each lesson will have a song that I've arranged. This free fingerstyle guitar tab is for private use only. It is to be used for educational purposes only.

Experiment! Use the fingerstyle guitar tab as a starting point for your own ideas. Adjust the tempo and feel to let your own personality come through.

I will be adding more free online guitar lessons and fingerstyle guitar tab as I get them ready.

Please take a moment to take the quick survey at the bottom of the page. This will help me include lessons that are helpful for you.

  • Fingerstyle Guitar Tablature
    This lesson teaches how to create your own tablature.

  • Exercise 1
    This is the first in a series of lessons designed to build knowledge of the fingerboard and both left and right hand technique.
  • Exercise 2
    Exercise 2 uses the triads introduced in Exercise 1 and works them around the cycle of 4ths.
  • Exercise 3
    Exercise 3 uses open first inversion triads to help build coordination in both hands.
  • Exercise 4
    Exercise 4 uses triads to build technique while exploring the Cycle of 5ths.

  • Cheek To Cheek
    A fingerstyle guitar arrangement of a jazz standard.
  • Don't Get Around Much Anymore
    A solo guitar arrangement of a Duke Ellington classic.
  • Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
    A Willie classic in fingerstyle guitar format
  • Mind Your Own Business
    This arrangement is a new, country blues take on a Hank Williams song.
  • Windy And Warm
    My arrangement of the John D. Loudermilk fingerpicking classic.
  • CAGED Chord Lesson-Morning Glory
    An original tune using CAGED chords
  • Amazing Grace
  • Katie's Song
    This lesson features an original song. It focuses on using open strings when changing hand position on the fingerboard.
  • Let The Mermaids Flirt With Me
    This lesson is an arrangement of a Mississippi John Hurt tune.
  • Fishing Blues
    A video guitar lesson of a great blues song.
  • FreeOnlineGuitarLessons-RagMamaRag shows how to play a classic Blind Boy Fuller rag. The lesson features free tablature and a video tutorial.
  • Long Tall Mama
    Long Tall Mama is a great, fun to play tune by Big Bill Broonzy. This lesson offers a note-by-note video tutortial as well as free tablature.
  • Travis Picking
    The trademark of Travis Picking is the melody being played over a steady, alternating bass line.

    This lesson shows how to do that. There is also a section on how to choose a thumbpick, which is essential for Travis Picking.

  • Chet Atkins Style
    Chet Atkins took Merle Travis' approach to fingerstyle guitar and refined it. He was an extremely successful artist and had a big impact on the people around him.

    Here's a look at the man and his approach to the guitar.

  • Artifical Harmonics
    Artificial Harmonics, also known as chimes, give a song a wonderful sparkling sound. Here's an in-depth tutorial on how to create them.
  • Walking Bass Lines
    Playing walking bass lines in an arrangement gives the song a sense of fullness and movement. This lesson show you how to approach and play them.
  • GuitarChordTheory
    Learning GuitarChordTheory is of tremendous help to any guitarist. Learning the "why" of how guitar chords are constructed means doing away with blindly memorizing chord shapes. It's one of the best thing a guitarist can do for themselves.
  • Fingerstyle Slide Guitar
    Fingerstyle Slide Guitar is a powerfully expressive approach to the guitar. This lesson shows the nuts and bolts of this terrific playing style.
  • Truckin Little Baby
    Truckin' Little Baby is a Blind Boy Fuller rag. It's a fun lesson with guest instuctor Jim Bruce.
  • Drunken Hearted Man
    A classic Robert Johnson blues in the key of D. It features several unique and interesting fills and a great turnaround at the end of each verse.

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