FingerstyleGuitarLessons-BuffaloGals Is Just Fun To Play!

The FingerstyleGuitarLessons-BuffaloGals is a cool song that shows how to begin fingerpicking.
It uses a couple of easy chords, G and D. It's an easy guitar song to play, with a little practice. This guitar tutorial features 3 different finger style guitar guitar tabs. Each of them shows a different feature of the song.

You will need a TEF viewer to see the music for this lesson. You can download it free here.

Here's how to use the TablEdit files. To hear the playback, click on the speaker icon. To see the lyrics click on "Score" and then "Notes".

TablEdit Playback

The first guitar tab shows the melody line and the lyrics to the first verse. I think that it's a good idea to listen to the melody until you're very familiar with it. That will help you to get the most out of this free guitar lesson.

Then there's an arrangement using the first 2 fingers together. They pluck the first two strings while the thumb plays an alternating bass. Look out for how the bass pattern shifts in measure 4. When you're playing a G chord the bass pattern is 6th string, 5th string. Low pitch to higher pitch.

At measure 4 of this online guitar lesson, the pattern changes to 4th string, 5th string. Higher pitch to lower pitch.

The second tab continues with the alternating bass. The fingers get a little busier than they did in example 1. Now they begin playing a simple pattern.

Here's how I approach a song like BeginnerGuitarLesson-BuffaloGals when I'm learning to play it. First, I learn the melody. I'll practice that until I've got it down.

Then I'll practice playing it until it's pretty smooth. After that, I'm ready to put it all together and practice it all at the same time.

If you're having trouble with this easy guitar song, you might try the same approach.

If you have any questions about FingerstyleGuitarLessons-BuffaloGals please feel free to contact me.

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