AcousticFingerstyleGuitar Is Full Of Great Ideas

Rick Ruskin's AcousticFingerstyleGuitar is a very good instructional DVD. However, it's not for the beginning player.

Rick Ruskin

The lesson begins with Ruskin showing some of his unusual left hand techniques. One of these techniques is fretting with his left hand thumb.

Later in the lesson he shows playing a chord like this and says that there are conventional ways of playing the chord. The problem is that he doesn't show a conventional way of fingering the chord. You have to figure it out yourself.

It's good to figure some things out for yourself. However, most viewers would probably prefer a more clear cut explanation in an instructional DVD. Similiar things like this occur throughout the DVD.

Ruskin's approach is a little different in other ways, too. For example, he shows a variety of basslines and chords then he shows them used in a song. Most other teachers show the song and breakdown the techniques while they're showing the song.

This video is filmed in an easy to view way. There are big split screens to show both hands. The songs shown include a great version of Steely Dan's Rikki, Don't Lose That Number and Georgia On My Mind.

Ruskin's aware that this guitar lesson DVD is a lot to learn at one time. He repeatedly urges the viewer to stop the lesson and practice what's been shown.

Even though Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar is 2 hrs long he says several times that it's a lot of information and that it will take some time to learn it all.


Rick Ruskin's AcousticFingerstyleGuitar can be a beneficial learning tool.

It is designed for the intermediate to advanced player. If rented, most guitarists will have to find the sheet music to learn the songs. If you rent it and watch it, you may want to buy it. Especially if you want to learn his killer arrangements.

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