What Is The BestGuitarCourse For You?

The BestGuitarCourse becomes easier to choose when you find the right Guitar Lessons Reviews. Online guitar courses can help you learn and master the guitar.

There are valid arguments for taking guitar lessons from a living, breathing guitar instructor. But there are just as many reasons to use an online guitar course.

We'll take a look at both sides of the issue. We'll also look at the online guitar courses that are currently available. This will make it easier to decide just what is the BestGuitarCourse for you.

Hey Teach!

So, just what are the Pros and Cons of taking lessons from an "in-person" instructor ? Will they provide the BestGuitarCourse for you?


  • Ability to observe student and correct mistakes. This covers everything from timing to technique.

  • Ability to judge students progress and adjust course curriculum as needed

  • Ability to provide immediate answers to students questions

  • Having to follow a fixed schedule. Depending on your situation, it may be hard to have a rigidly scheduled lesson.

  • Expense. A year of guitar lessons, for example, costs more than even the most expensive online guitar course.

  • Getting there. Who wants to drive across town in a blizzard?

  • Finding a teacher who can teach you what you want to learn.You mean there's not a teacher specializing in Pre-WWII Blues in your neighborhood?

The benefits and disadvantages of online guitar courses are pretty much the flip side of the teacher advantages/disadvantages.

For example, guitar tutorials can't observe your playing and tell you what to correct. On the other hand, you don't have to drive across town every Tuesday afternoon at 3, rain or shine.

Ultimately, deciding on which is best for you comes down to your particular situation.

That being said, let's take a look at some of the online guitar courses designed to help you learn and master guitar.

  • Jim's Complete Blues & Ragtime Fingerpicking Guitar Course

    A complete set of acoustic blues lessons offered by Jim Bruce. Classic Pre-WWII artist are covered in this series.

  • JamPlay

    JamPlay offers a full range of lessons. They include beginner lessons and lessons covering different genres of music, including fingerstyle, blues, jazz and slack key.

  • Guitar Alliance

    Guitar Alliance has a full spectrum of guitar lessons in their program. They offer lessons from a rock/blues perspective. The lessons cover theory and songs, and there's a seperate set of fingerstyle guitar lessons.

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