What's Wrong With Cheap Acoustic Guitars?

The Lowdown On Cheap Acoustic Guitars And Discount Acoustic Guitars.

Nearly every one starts their playing career on a cheap acoustic guitar.

Nowdays, you can even find a cheap Fender acoustic guitar or Martin acoustic guitar (relatively speaking). Here's the how and why on discount acoustic guitars.

There has been a lot of attention paid to high-end "boutique" guitars lately. But there are some very good inexpensive instruments, as well.

One thing that has improved them is the quality of the different parts ( necks, bridges, etc...)

Take guitar necks, for example. In the past, necks were all shaped by hand. In less expensive guitars, necks were rough, uneven and varied in their dimensions.

Time is money. The low cost guitar didn't get much time and attention. The more expensive the instrument, the more time and attention to detail went into it.

On modern guitars, the necks on two inexpensive guitars of the same model, will feel very much alike. That's because, in most cases, CNC machines are used to cut out the necks. These machines can be adjusted by the thousanth of an inch.

This means that today's low-end guitars will be very consistent in feel. This makes it easier to buy a good playing guitar now than it was in years past.

How They Differ

The differences between a cheap acoustic guitar and a more expensive one is in details, materials, and where the guitar is manufactured.

Today, low-end guitars are usually made in a country where labor costs are low. This is the first step in reducing costs.

The second step is in the quality of materials used. This can show up in things like hardware (tuners, etc...) and woods.

There will be more laminates used. The solid woods that are used may not be as attractive.

The third factor will be in attention to details. The fret wires may not have a smooth finish. The bracing may not be smoothly sanded. Little things like that.

But even cheap acoustic guitars have quality control standards that must be met. That, in combination with modern manufacturing methods is good for the shopper. It means that you can get a good player at a good price.

Buying a good quality cheap acoustic guitar is important for several reasons.

The first is that, for beginners, it's easier to learn to play on a good quality guitar. It's also easier to sell it if you decide that guitar playing isn't for you.

And a good quality, cheap guitar makes a good knock around, campfire guitar.

How Cheap Is Too Cheap?

The question is, is it possible to get too cheap a guitar? I think that it is. In my experience, $200 U.S.D. is about as low as you would want to go. Guitars that sell for less than that are usually of a very low quality.

There are several brands of good, cheap acoustic guitars on the market today.

In a dreadnought size, I like the Takamine GS330S Acoustic Guitar. I've played and sold literally dozens of them. They're top playing and sounding guitars in their price range.

The Takamine G Series G406S New Yorker Acoustic Guitar is a good choice in a smaller body size.

It is the age of the expensive, high-end guitar. And there are some wonderful guitars being made. But it's important to remember that some of the world's greatest music has been on bargain priced guitars.

Here's a clip of Warner Williams playing a battered Alvarez. And another one of Mance Lipscomb playing a Harmony Sovereign.

So remember, there's a space in everyones guitar collection for some cheap acoustic guitars.

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