Dance Cheek To Cheek With Your Guitar!

Cheek To Cheek Is A Challeging But Fun Free Online Guitar Lesson

This free online guitar lesson uses my own arrangement of the song. There is a guitar lesson video and free fingerstyle guitar tablature toward the bottom of the page.

The song makes use of 3 different techniques.

The first technique uses a combination of fretted and open strings. This begins in measure 1. The motif, or riff, is repeated throughout the song.

The second technique puts the melody in the lower and middle strings (strings 3-6).

Playing the melody in the bass is not a real common approach. I think that it's a little harder for the listener to get. People are used to hearing the melody on top with chords and bass notes supporting it.

Try this approach in your own arrangements. Here's my suggestion. Use the lower pitched approach near the beginning of the song.Put the higher pitched parts in the last part of the arrangement.

The third technique uses intervals to harmonize some of the faster moving lines. The interval being used is a 13th. Even though you're only playing 2 notes, it has a big sound. So you have the illusion of a big chord, but with an easy to grab interval.

There's really nothing tricky about this internet guitar lesson. The biggest thing for most players will be controlling the picking hand when combining the open and fretted strings. Other than that, it's pretty simple.

Have fun with Cheek To Cheek.

You can contact me with any questions.

You will need a TEF viewer to see the music for this lesson. You can download it free here.

This link takes you to the sheet music

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