Does ErnieHawkinsCAGEDGuitar System Work?


An In-Depth Review of ErnieHawkinsCAGEDGuitar System Guitar Lesson DVD.

Does ErnieHawkinsCAGEDGuitar System Work? That's the real question with any online or video instruction method. Is the information good and is it easy to understand?

The video quality and audio quality of these discs is good. The discs are part of Homespun Videos catalog of instructional materials.

I found the camera angles and sound quality to be consistent with what you've come to expect from them. This includes good close ups of each hand.

The three discs in this set are available individually or as a set. In brief, the series shows an easy to understand method of moveable chords.

Disc one starts at pretty close to the beginner stage.

Hawkins shows the five chord shapes that make up the system. They are all chords that every beginning player learns: C-A-G-E-D. This is where the name of the system comes from.

The ErnieHawkinsCAGEDGuitar System works because it shows how to take these five shapes and play different chords with them.

Want to learn five places on the neck to play a C chord? No problem. Hawkins shows Where and Why each of these shapes work as a C on different parts of the neck.

Disc One covers chord shapes, the 'money' notes in the chord, and how to move each shape to get the desired chord. Disc Two takes these chord shapes and puts them to work.

On Disc Two you'll find how to play a 12 bar blues progression in the first position. This explanation uses each of the CAGED chords as a starting point for playing a 12 bar blues.

He then shows how to move this progression up the fingerboard to play it all over the neck. This exercise is where you really start to learn how to use the ErnieHawkinsCAGEDGuitar System.

Hawkins also give tips on playing barre chords, learning the major scales contained in the chord shapes, how to build runs from the chords and how to move those runs around the fingerboard.

Disc Three begins with a quick overview of Discs One and Two. Ernie then shows what he calls passing chords. These are little two note chords that are used to move from one CAGED chord shape to another.

Learning these, along with the CAGED chords, helps you really begin to play in a more musical way.

Disc Three is where we start to see a practical application of the material learned on the first two discs. Hawkins shows you how to play a blues based on Blue Monk using CAGED chords and passing chords. He shows you how to play it in all keys.

Next, Ernie shows using the CAGED System chords to play a circle of fifths progression. He plays Blind Blakes's West Coasr Blues to demonstrate a practical application of the progression.

This practical application is what really cements the information in this series into place.


The ErnieHawkinsCAGEDGuitar system is a practical way to master the fingerboard. It shows five simple chord shapes that you probably already know. Hawkins patient, clear instruction shows you how to use these chord shapes to play music all over the fingerboard.

Consistent practice with the information in this series will help players learn to really play the guitar.

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