Fingerpicking Blues Guitar Solos Delivers the Goods

Fingerpicking Blues Guitar Solos by Stefan Grossman is a good introduction to fingerstyle blues.

Grossman has an extensive background as a performer and teacher and this DVD clearly shows that.

This DVD is a good choice for an intermediate to advanced player. The material in it would be over the head of the beginning player.

The four songs covered are Mississippi Blues, Struttin' Rag, Glory of Love, and Blues For The Mann.

He does a good job of turning Big Bill Broonzy's version of The Glory of Love into an instrumental. You owe it to yourself to check out Big Bill's version, though. It's killer

Grossman's relaxed understated delivery is reflected in his playing. He seems to be a low-keyed kind of guy and his playing has a relaxed feel to it.

You may have problems if you rent the disc. Make sure that you get the tab. You'll need it to learn the songs.

Grossman does mention chord names in his explanation. For most people, the chord forms that he plays use shapes that may not be familiar.

Right hand technique is barely mentioned in this DVD. Grossman does say at one point that you'll have to use your thumb, first and second fingers. The thumb and first finger alone won't cut it.


Fingerpicking Blues Guitar Solos is a good DVD for anyone wanting to learn blues songs for performance or their own enjoyment. It's aimed at the intermediate to advanced player. Most guitarists will need to use the tab to learn the songs.

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