FingerstyleGuitarLessons-5 Will Help Get Your Fingers Under Control

FingerstyleGuitarLessons-5 Is A Great "How To" Using Easy Acoustic Guitar Tabs

Here's the next installment in our series of free online guitar lessons. All of these free online guitar lessons feature easy free video guitar lessons, and acoustic guitar tab.

FingerstyleGuitarLessons-5 introduces a new 3 finger picking pattern. The new pattern uses the thumb, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd fingers.

The pattern is pretty easy to play after you practice it some.

Here's some things to remember as you practice this lesson:

  • Brush your fingers across the strings. The fingers motion moves from the floor side of the string to the ceiling side of the string.
  • Use the left side of your fingertip as the finger points away from you.
  • Grab the full chord even if you're only playing a portion of it.
  • Try to get even volume from each string. One string shouldn't be louder than another.
  • Have proper right handand left hand position.
  • Hold the guitar in the proper position

This is a pretty simple exercise to play with a little practice. When you're learning something like this, playing it right is more important than playing it fast. Speed will come with practice.

You will need a TEF viewer to see the music for this lesson. You can download it free here.

Click this link to get the music

To hear a midi playback of the exercise, click on the yellow speaker icon.

TablEdit Playback.gif

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