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FingerstyleGuitarLessons-LHExercise2 Builds Powerful Fingers

FingerstyleGuitarLessons-LHExercise2 is another great strength building exercise. This exercise will help both basic fingerstyle guitar and advanced fingerstyle guitar players.

The exercise itself is very simple. You begin by putting your first finger on the first string at the 8th fret. Hold this note for a slow 4 count.

Now place the 1st finger across the 1st and 2nd strings at the 8th fret. Once again, hold for a slow 4 count.

Now, at the same fret, place your first finger across strings 1, 2, and 3. Hold for a slow 4 count.

Continue doing this across strings 4, 5, and 6. Make sure that you hold each position for a slow 4 count.

When you've barred across all 6 strings, you will begin working your way back to the 1st string. Begin by playing strings 5-1 for a slow 4 count. Next, 4-1. Then 3-1, 2-1, and then 1.

What I've just described is one round of this exercise. For the next round, do the same steps as above, but use your 2nd finger instead of the 1st.

After that, do a round with your 3rd finger and one with your 4th finger.

What I've just described in FingerstyleGuitarLessons-LHExercise2 may seem to be impossible to do at first. It is do-able! Trust me, it will help your playing to have strong hands that you can control.

I got this exercise, like the one in FingerstyleGuitarLessons-LHExercise1, from The 30 Day Workout, by Jody Fisher.

I've found this book to be full of great technique building exercises. There's a link at the bottom of the page if you want to check it out.

I've also included diagrams for the exercises in FingerstyleGuitarLessons-LHExercise2 a little lower on the page.

I hope that you enjoy this lesson. You can contact me with any questions.

Beginner Lesson 2,

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