TruckinLittleBaby Is Fingerstyle Blues At It's Best

She's A TruckinLittleBaby is a Great Fingerstyle Blues Lesson. It was recorded by Blind Boy Fuller in late 1937 or early 1938. It's a rockin' fingerstyle blues that's fun to play.

This particular lesson was created by Jim Bruce. Jim is a British blues picker based currently based in France. His specialty is fingerstyle blues covering all of the classic acoustic blues guitar players.

Because I'm a fan of Jim's, I asked him if he would create a lesson exclusively for She's A TruckinLittleBaby is the result of that request.

This song was originally recorded using a National Duolian. Blind Boy Fuller recorded with both 12 fret and 14 fret models using metal fingerpicks.

This was a great set-up for a player like Fuller. While he recorded over 100 sides in a roughly five year period, most of his income came from playing house parties and on the street.

A resonator guitar and fingerpicks aren't required to play Blind Boy Fuller songs, of course. A wooden guitar and bare fingers will work just fine, if that's what you're most comfortable with.

The fingerpicking guitar style of Blind Boy Fuller was built around a powerful right hand technique. His quick, coordinated, right hand attack shows a strong Blind Blake influence.

By the early 1930's radio and recordings had become widely available. Players like Fuller could hear recordings of the top players of the day, like Blake, and learn from them. Prior to that, you had to make it up yourself or take lessons from someone.

You can get Blind Boy Fuller's recording here.

I hope that you enjoy learning She's A TruckinLittleBaby.

You can read a review of Jim Bruce's acoustic blues lessons here.

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