A Guitarist's Look At The Perfect WeddingCeremonySongs

A look at what it takes to be one of the best WeddingCeremonySongs.

What are the most perfect WeddingCeremonySongs for a Bride's Big Day? That's easy, it's whichever songs that she requests. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? But, think about it for a minute.

The bride and groom are the customers. They are buying a service to help them celebrate a very special day. The guitarist can charge a very good rate for providing the service. So, give them what they want, within reason.

What is reasonable? A big consideration is time. If you don't normally play weddings, you"ll need to learn some new material.

One thing that can make learning new material easier is to improve your playing. Improving your playing should be an on going project. If you mainly play set arrangements, you might work on learning the information that you need to improvise more easily.

Remembering a melody and chord names may be easier for you than memorizing an entire arrangement.

A book like The Art of Solo Guitar Book 1 (Book & CD) can help you develop the skills to do this.

If you've been asked to play a classical piece like Pachel's Canon In D, you really can't wing it!

But, with enough knowledge you could improvise on Etta James' At Last, which is another popular WeddingCeremonySong.

Another consideration is if you'll be playing instrumental wedding music. If you're going to be singing too, that simplifies things. Vocal accompaniement is a lot easier than solo playing for most people.

Typically, most people will play an instrumental passage between verses. This is pretty easy to do if you're up to date with your Guitar Chord Theory.

Another approach is to read music well enough to not have to memorize pieces. This is a real common approach that some instrumentalist (usually classical) take. The problem here is that many self taught musicians don't know how to read. This is a problem that can be corrected, though.

A good book like Guitar at Sight can help.

Developing the skills to play the perfect WeddingCeremonySongs can give you a real sense of accomplishment. And it will help make the wedding couple's special day even more special.

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